The Choose Choice Quilt aims to tell untold stories about reproductive health, through sewing.

Each square will tell a story about sex education, menstruation, birth control, misogyny in healthcare, abortion, or factual information about reproductive health. Patches will be personalized through quilting techniques and embroidery. Color, shape, and text will be used to convey individual narratives. The combination of these six categories tell a full picture of reproductive rights in America. 


Inspired by the iconic Aids Memorial Quilt, this piece aims to inspire political change. This project will personalize the necessity of safe and legal abortions, contraception, and accessible women’s healthcare. Historically, sewing was a purely domestic activity — a tool of female oppression. I want to use sewing to not only elevate female voices, but to subvert its historical control of women’s bodies. In our society today, stories of women’s reproductive health are often ignored or seen as shameful. Nearly one out of four women will have an abortion by the time they turn 45. 98% of sexually active women take some form of birth control. Every woman has gone to the gynecologist for the first time. However, we are constantly being taught misinformation about our own bodies, shamed and embarrassed, and trusting men to tell us what to do.

I want to use this project to demystify reproductive health, advocate for meaningful policy change, and spark a conversation around the current war on abortion.